Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Gourd"geous Pumpkin Centerpiece

Follow Me on Pinterest Congratulations! You have a butt-load of pumpkins...now what?
Here is a neat little arrangement that layers textures, colors, and shapes. It is so simple, yet makes a huge impact. This centerpiece is also very kid friendly. All my decorations have to be durable, or they will be utterly destroyed in a matter of seconds if you catch my drift.

I love the texture of hemp yarn which has been hot glued onto a styrofoam ball. I let nature do the rest of the work with colorful pumpkins in different shapes and sizes, all from my special store, Wal-mart. I purchased the wooden dish from my other special store, IKEA.

Start off by hot gluing the hemp yarn in a tight circle before placing it on the Styrofoam ball.

Hot glue a small "starter" circle to your styrofoam and continue gluing until the entire ball is covered.

Time for spray paint.

There you have it, a gigantic hemp ball. Who wouldn't love that?

Monday, October 1, 2012


Follow Me on Pinterest I'm no cake maker, but I just wanted to post some of these cause I'm pretty proud of myself for the effort and creativity.

Hunting Cake

I made this hunting cake for my husband's birthday. I used canned chocolate frosting, graham crackers for the crust, and figurines I got from ebay. The letters are made from edible paper (which I got from Michaels) and used letter cookie cutters to cut them out.

Beach cake 

This was for my son who turned 3 and loves to swim and play in the sandbox! I used teddy grahams crushed up for the sand and bears, Swedish fish, jelly beans that looked like rocks, gummy rings, and the towels were some candy gummy strips. All candies and decor from Wal-mart.

 Cake decorating class

I took a cake decorating class from the community education and this was my first attempt. Not bad! Mainly I just love the colors.

 Fondant follies

First and last? time doing fondant! My neighbor taught me how using marshmallows as the main ingredient. Thanks Stacey!